Week 1 of the Magick Socks Project !!!

So after one whole week of dressing in adorable kawaii-inspired clothes I’ve made some interesting discoveries.

  1.  I need to up my selfie game. I only got pics of half my outfits. In my defense I was sick and it was my birthday week so I got a little distracted.
  2. This takes a lot of time and energy. Goodness! I want to make so many more accessories to go with my outfits (or coords if we are talking in lolita lingo). They all fall a little flat without the bows and gems and sparkles!
  3.  People seem to really polarize in their reactions to someone dressed the way I have been. Unfortunately, I started this project the week after Halloween which I feel may be skewing peoples perceptions of me. I’m getting a lot of “Why are you still in costume?” from folks. Most people choose to adamantly ignore that I exist or that anything strange is happening. Even if I smile at them. Which feels odd to me. Or people will be super enthusiastic, honking their horns and showering me with compliments. I’m sure I can dive deeper into this as the weeks continue.

The Outfits!
Day 1: I was driving 6 hours back from LA so I didn’t get any pics. Went more for a pastel goth, fairy-kei vibe. #1 lesson learned- don’t wear a romper during a road trip.


Day 2: Was sick in bed most of the day but when I finally went out to dinner I wore my new most favorite unicorn sweater!!! Got more comments on my red hair than anything else though.

Day 3: I found a wig I forgot I had and modified an old skirt so it was a length that worked with my one and only petticoat. Also learned how to make bows with hot glue! Still need more bling though.

Day 4: Fairy-Kei all the way. Fairy Kei means Fairy Girl and it is a style characterized by layers of adorable soft pastels in sweaters and tutus and leggings. I think I pulled it off relatively well.

Day 123 Kawaii

Day 5: MY BIRTHDAY! I wore two outfits but somehow only managed to get a pic of the first one. In the morning I wore a simple grey and lavender outfit with bunny ears. And then in the evening I went full Harajuku with an oversized silver bow, veil and hand made silver and pink tutu. The outfit was AMAZING! Over the top and filled with tulle.

Day 6: Recovering from my birthday took up most of the day but venturing out for brunch in a simple grey wig and pastel goth inspired black, baby blue and pink. Again sorry that I forgot to take a pic.

Day 7: Realizing I need a couple more petticoats in my life. That being said I love my shoes and dress and long long long blue wig.

Thanks for stopping by ^_^

Stay Tuned for More Kawaii Inspired Activities! 

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