Kawaii Adventure Challenge Week 1

What is the Kawaii Adventure Challenge?

Wearing cute clothes is great but I want to instigate a massive group of people committed to spreading love and joy, first through their mere presence on the earth and second by embodying the characteristics that go along with wearing adorable clothes. So each week I invite you to make or gather or try something cute, kawaii, and/or adorable and see how it affects you and those around you. I hope you have fun!

This Week’s Challenge!

Find and Wear a Pair of Magick Socks

A small portion of my sock collection. (^_^)

A small portion of my sock collection. (^_^)

You may already own a pair of fantastical socks, as I did before I started on this venture. Or you may need to go out and find some. Look for socks that speak to your inner child and make you feel happy. If you don’t own a wonderful pair of stockings (or wish to own a new shiny pair of magick socks) then you have two options. The first is you could buy a pair. I challenge you to go to local retailers and find a pair of socks that way before heading to the internet but, if that is difficult feel free to hop online. The other option is to knit or crochet your own pair of socks!

Once you have your new shiny nifty socks wear them out. Show them off. Pair them with an adorable outfit and shoes. Share your stories and socks on the Magick Socks Project Facebook Group!


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