Week 2 of the Magick Socks Project


Week Two !! Week Too Much Fun !!

Week 2 has been a blast. I’ve gotten lots of great feedback from people about my outfits. I also have cards now, so when I meet people they can learn more about the project.

I also learned two fun styles of Kawaii outfits this week. Uchuu Kei and Pop or Spank Kei. Uchuu Kei means roughly “Space Alien Girl” and is characterized by galaxy prints and space related paraphernalia. I’m pretty excited to rock some galaxy print in true Uchuu Kei style in the coming weeks. Spank Kei or Pop Kei is inspired by brights 80’s fashion and cartoons. Unlike Fairy Kei which is dominated by pastels, Pop Kei has a lot more pastels, which is much more my speed. Gonna dust off my neons and hit the town!

Highlights of the Week

  1. Two ladies at the jewelry store were thrilled by my sunflower outfit. They brightened my day, and I hope I brightened theirs.
  2. I made a chance encounter with a kindred soul at the coffee shop and we ended up talking for almost an hour about art.
  3. Mr. Piffles the magician dog liked one of my photos on Instagram.
  4. I rediscovered a bunch of old mementos from my childhood that I intend to repurpose into outfits. I especially loved using my Lisa Frank stickers for some extra bling around my eyes.

Never Miss an Outfit: https://www.instagram.com

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