Kawaii Adventure Challenge – Week 2


Nailart Collage

For week 2 of the Adventure Challenge lets make our nails sparkle! Painted nails, sometimes with extreme details or cabochons (the little plastic charms), can take a kawaii outfit to the next level!

I’ve gathered some tutorials to help get you started:

Great Beginner Tutorial: http://donotrefreeze.com/easy-peasy-nail-art-tutorials

Lots of Options: http://www.nail-art-101.com/nail_art_tutorials.html 

Cabochons Tutorial: http://www.san-smith.com/2012/08/3d-nail-art-update-tutorial.html

Have fun and experiment! My first try was a bit messy but I’m excited to try a couple more times this week.

Also, if painted nails is too daring, try just one nail or paint your toes or look on etsy for stick on nails instead.

Share your adventure with the Facebook Group!

Never Miss an Update:

Image sources (clockwise):

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