Changing the World, One Pair of Magick Socks at a Time.

Could the way you dress change the world?

A month of Kawaii: For the month of November I’m dressing in different fashion styles influenced by the Japanese idea of Kawaii. I’m excited to see how my interactions with people change based on how I dress. I’m also curious to see how I might change when dressed in clothes inspired to be sweet and disarming.

Kawaii: cute, blushing, adorable, lovable, docile, peaceful.


The Magic Leap

I think that by choosing a Kawaii lifestyle you are also choosing to live peacefully. Commitment makes something magical. By dressing in different clothes and adorning pink and purple star socks I am making a commitment to live peacefully, be adorable, and share my life with the world.

Why Magick Socks?

Sock have been on of my favorite articles of clothing for a long time. They can quickly change any outfit from mundane to wondrous. In stories and folklore socks have been the relics that transform ordinary things into the unbelievable. Looking at Kawaii clothing and culture, socks are important piece of any ensemble and so the magic begins with a great pair of socks! I dare you to wear a rad pair of socks while holding the intention of peace in your heart and see how the world around you responds. And please! Share your stories with me and my project.


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